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NCI is soliciting feedback on the utility and future promise of multidimensional tumor atlases for the Human Tumor Atlas Network, including high-priority data types and challenges/opportunities for computational modeling. Your responses are due January 7, 2023.

Learn more about NCI’s Request for Information and contribute to the conversation around cancer metabolomics data.

Are you interested in comparative oncology? NCI needs input on the future needs and directions of the Integrated Canine Data Commons. Submit a response by Thursday, December 1, 2022.

We want to learn more about the resource and information you need to work in cancer data science.

NIH has announced a Request for Information (RFI) to solicit ideas for potential NIH Common Fund programs. Common Fund program categories include Transformational Science and Discovery, Catalytic Data Resources, and Re-engineering the Research Enterprise.

IMPROVE focuses on improving deep learning models to predict the efficacy of cancer treatments. The research community, including data scientists and informaticists, is asked to respond to an RFI for creating protocols to evaluate model performance by April 15, 2022, at 5:00 p.m. ET. Additionally, they are encouraged to respond to an RFP for improving model comparison by May 9, 2022.

NIH needs input on potential updates to the NIH Genomic Data Sharing Policy! As a researcher or data scientist, share your perspective related to cancer genomic data to help the policy keep pace with evolving scientific opportunities and stakeholder expectations. Responses to the Request for Information will be accepted through February 28, 2022.

Interested in making data discoverable to the larger research community? Share your perspective with NIH, who wants to know how to improve data searchability and discovery. Cancer researchers, data submitters/generators, data users, and technology providers should respond by December 3, 2021.

Cancer researchers and data scientists have the opportunity to provide NIH and the FDA input on the requirements for accelerating clinical applications of next generation sequencing and radiomics (including those using artificial intelligence and machine learning). Responses to these Requests for Information are due Monday, November 1, 2021.

This RFI seeks extramural stakeholder input (e.g., bioinformaticians, computational biologists, data scientists, and other informatics researchers) to understand the opportunities and challenges of adopting cloud computing at minority universities and colleges for biomedical, clinical, behavioral, and social science research. Responses will be accepted through September 30, 2021.