Sharing Cancer Research Software? NIH Wants to Hear from You!

Are you using and sharing source codes, algorithms, scripts, computational workflows, and other executables in your cancer research? If so, NIH wants to hear from you!

Consider responding to this Request for Information to help NIH develop best practices for sharing research software. Send your response(s) before 12:00 a.m., ET, on February 1, 2024.

NIH is specifically seeking:

  • feedback on the current NIH best practices for sharing research software.
  • information on how, when, and where you share your research software (e.g., Do you have best practice resources that are helping you make shared software open and reusable?).
  • criteria for evaluating the openness, FAIRness, quality, and/or security of the software you share or reuse.
  • types of collaborative settings you’re working in when developing and sharing research software.
  • factors that help you decide whether to share or reuse your research software (e.g., Have you encountered technical, procedural, financial, institutional, and/or social barriers to sharing or reusing your research software?).
  • insight on whether you’ve been able to reuse open-source research software developed by others.
  • criteria you use for deciding whether to reuse existing research software or develop something new.
  • ideas on how NIH can support research software communities with best practices for sharing and reusing high-quality research software.

Submit your responses electronically, or send a PDF or Microsoft Word document with your responses to the NIH Office of Data Science Strategy.

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