Find upcoming data science and informatics presentations, conferences, workshops, and trainings for the cancer research community.

Keyvan Farahani
September 19, 2021 02:15 p.m. - 03:45 p.m. ET

Keyvan Farahani, Ph.D.

Dr. Kevyan Farahani, the lead of the NCI Imaging Data Commons, will present NCl's cancer data science resources that support the imaging informatics community at the Conference on Machine Intelligence in Medical Imaging.

Dr. Yanjun Qi
September 22, 2021 11:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m. ET

Yanjun Qi, Ph.D.

In this webinar, Dr. Yanjun Qi will demonstrate AttentiveChrome, an attention-based deep learning approach that uses a unified architecture to model and interpret interactions and dependencies among the chromatin factors underlying gene regulation.

“Le Grand Et Le Petit”: Splicing Factors SF3B1 and SUGP1 and Their Cancer Mutations Leading to Aberrant Acceptor Usage | Seven Bridges CGC Webinar Series, Wednesday, September 22, 2 p.m. ET/ 11 a.m. PST/8 p.m. GST
September 22, 2021 02:00 p.m. - 03:00 p.m. ET

Tatiana Popova, Ph.D.

Join the September NCI Cancer Research Data Commons Cancer Genomics Cloud (CGC) webinar to find out how a team leveraged a CGC tool to discover new mutations in a small splicing factor that might have a bigger role in cancer.

Graphic of one lab/bench researcher holding a long piece of paper with another researcher at a computer surrounded by double helixes.
September 23, 2021 01:00 p.m. - 04:00 p.m. ET

As they join fellow data sharing experts and thought leaders at the upcoming FDA-Project Data Sphere Symposium, NCI Director Dr. Ned Sharpless and NCI Office of Data Sharing Director Dr. Jaime Guidry Auvil will share insights about the positive forces making clinical trial data accessibility and reuse possible at NCI.

GDC Single Cell RNA-Seq Support | Monthly GDC Support Webinar
September 27, 2021 02:00 p.m. - 03:00 p.m. ET

Bill Wysocki Ph.D. and Zhenyu Zhang, Ph.D.

The NCI Genomic Data Commons’ (GDC) September webinar will introduce cancer researchers and bioinformaticians to a single-cell RNA-seq (scRNA-seq) tool they can use to study tumor heterogeneity and its microenvironment.

Image depicts a futuristic-looking head outlined in electric blue with circuits running throughout, representing brain activity. The head is surrounded by numbers, ones and zeros, and there are flashes of hot pink around the head and going through it.
September 29, 2021 - September 30, 2021

This NIH-FDA sponsored workshop will bring together members of the scientific community to discuss the obstacles and opportunities associated with next-generation sequencing (NGS) and radiomics tool development, validation, and regulatory science. NCI presenters include NCI Director, Dr. Ned Sharpless, and CBIIT Director, Dr. Tony Kerlavage, who will be providing the keynote presentation on the NCI Cancer Research Data Commons.