Improve My Data Science Skills

Whether you’re starting your cancer research career, or you are a seasoned professional, we have resources to improve your cancer data science skills.

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Looking for answers to data science questions?

Explore the resources on our Training Guide Library webpage. The page contains a variety of resources, including step-by-step instructional guides, videos, and presentations from our NCI data science expert community. You can search for resources based on what step of the data science lifecycle you’re in or your skill level with the topic.

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Want to learn the basic skills for cancer data science?

Try our Cancer Data Science Course. We’ve worked with data science experts across NCI to curate a set of resources that explain the basic skills needed to thrive in cancer data science. The course covers topics like predictive modeling, big data technologies you’ll work with, and more. Our course is on demand, which means you can set the pace around your school and work schedules.

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Interested in online and/or in-person training events with NCI?

Register for upcoming trainings on the Events page. If you miss an event, you’ll be able to view the recording in our Events with Videos archive.


Let Us Know What We’re Missing!

We’re excited to be part of your learning journey. So, we want to know if we’re missing a resource that would be helpful to you. You can suggest ideas for any of our training materials by emailing NCI CBIIT. We’ll announce new training materials regularly through our weekly email updates.


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