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data commons

Data Commons

Access data from many sources across a virtual, expandable infrastructure

data sharing

Data Sharing

Contribute to and access data across NCI and NIH repositories


Cancer Semantic Resources

Make your data interoperable and integrated using cancer data vocabulary resources

High Performance Computing

Joint Design of Advanced Computing Solutions for Cancer

Learn about emerging cancer research using exascale computing capabilities

Latest from CBIIT


Cancer Data Science Pulse Blog

Read the latest blog from Oregon State University's Dr. Melissa Haendel and Julie McMurry, "Cancer Data Harmonization—Setting Standards and Breaking Down Silos."

The Cancer Data Science Pulse Blog provides insights on trends, policies, initiatives, and innovation in the data science and cancer research communities.


Data Science Seminar Series

Dr. Guilherme Del Fiol and Dr. Richard Bradshaw will present, "Identifying and Managing Patients Who Meet Evidence-Based Criteria for Genetic Evaluation of Familial Cancer Using the FHIR Data Standard."

The Data Science Seminar Series is a bi-weekly talk from innovators in the data science and cancer research communities both within and outside of the National Cancer Institute (NCI).