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Learn more about the team that won the 2023 DataWorks! Challenge Grand Prize. The winners crowdsourced data gathering and used a common, interoperable platform to understand the impacts of COVID-19 on people with a current or past history of cancer.

Are you having trouble prioritizing which genetic variants to study in your cancer research? There’s a new platform, called FORGEdb, that can help you pinpoint promising variants and target genes.

Are you skilled in conceptualizing, developing, and managing projects in clinical research informatics? Apply today to work as a clinical research informatics specialist at NCI’s CBIIT.

Are you skilled in artificial intelligence and federated learning approaches? Come work here at NCI’s CBIIT as a bioinformatics specialist! Don’t miss out on this opportunity. Apply today!

Looking to become more familiar with artificial intelligence and GitHub for your data science needs? Check out these two courses from the Informatics Technology for Cancer Research Training Network.

The program’s Office of Data and Analytics is looking for a qualified candidate to oversee data strategy, governance, quality, and analytics. If you have a passion for data science and cohort studies, apply before March 1, 2024!

Interested in blending clinical and genetic data? Upgrades in cBioPortal can help you work with these very different data types to better understand cancer and how it progresses over time.

What do you think of the updated Strategic Plan for Data Science from NIH? Respond to this Request for Information by March 15!

Participate in the upcoming challenge to assess NCI Cancer Research Data Commons' compatibility with AI/ML technologies.

Do you conduct research on statistical and analytical methods, cancer survivorship, digital health, and/or data science tools and methods? Apply for an R01 grant from NCI’s Division of Cancer Control and Population Sciences by June 5 or October 5, 2024.