Keep up with the latest news from the NCI Center for Biomedical Informatics and Information Technology (CBIIT) and the data science communities.

See how NCI researchers are using artificial intelligence to develop tools that may someday help oncologists make more informed decisions when caring for people with prostate cancer.

NCI-funded researchers are using machine learning to help identify an early-warning screening approach for colorectal cancer.

NCI’s Imaging Data Commons has new data available, and, thanks to AI and cloud computing, it’s easier than ever before to work with this imaging data.

Explore this challenge if you’re a software tool developer interested in assessing how well your tool de-identifies medical images.

A new machine learning model blends image data with clinical and pathological information to tailor care for patients with breast cancer.

Do you specialize in pancreatic cancer? See how researchers are using artificial intelligence to find undetectable cancers on scans of seemingly normal pancreases, long before clinical symptoms are visible.

Explore a new interactive dashboard that includes data sets of advanced machine-generated segmentation of tumor and organ contents.

A new deep learning model, called CXR-Lung-Risk, proved useful in identifying people at risk for dying from lung cancer or other lung disease, based on a single X-ray image.

Discover new data collections available for you to use in your cancer research!

Having trouble reproducing results from machine learning (ML) computational pathology studies? See how NCI’s Imaging Data Commons may be able to help, as evidenced by a new study.