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Use “metricminer” to discover the effectiveness of your software evaluations and expand the reach and impact of your scientific software.

NIH Institutes and Centers (including NCI) are interested in the validity, reliability, and utility of digital health tools and artificial intelligence/machine learning (AI/ML) technologies. You can apply for NCI funding to support the validation of these technologies for cancer research.

Are you having trouble prioritizing which genetic variants to study in your cancer research? There’s a new platform, called FORGEdb, that can help you pinpoint promising variants and target genes.

Interested in blending clinical and genetic data? Upgrades in cBioPortal can help you work with these very different data types to better understand cancer and how it progresses over time.

Participate in the upcoming challenge to assess NCI Cancer Research Data Commons' compatibility with AI/ML technologies.

Do you conduct research on statistical and analytical methods, cancer survivorship, digital health, and/or data science tools and methods? Apply for an R01 grant from NCI’s Division of Cancer Control and Population Sciences by June 5 or October 5, 2024.

The ways that cells interact with neighboring cells and their environments can either regulate or promote how tumors grow and spread. See how a new tool is helping us better understand these important “neighborhood” interactions.

The NCI CBIIT Metadata Software and Services team members received a 2023 NIH Director’s Award for restructuring metadata infrastructure and services to meet your needs.

This Notice of Funding Opportunity will allow you to create and run a short course to educate early career researchers on using data sets available in NIH’s Common Fund.

Are you looking for funding for your cancer informatics technology project? We highlight the most recent ITCR Funding Opportunity Announcements that may be right for you!