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Cancer researchers can help NCI enhance cancer metabolomics research by applying for funding to develop innovative technologies and informatics tools.

NCI’s Surveillance, Epidemiology, and End Results (SEER) Program is marking 50 years of cancer surveillance research and launching three new initiatives that are likely to be of particular interest to the data science field. These efforts include a Virtual Tissue Repository, a Virtual Pooled Registry, and a partnership with the Department of Energy to develop application programming interfaces.

The PLCO Atlas allows investigators to browse and access germline genetic association data from the PLCO Screening Study via the Genome-Wide Association Study Explorer.

Are you working on software tools to promote open science in cancer research? NCI has issued a Notice of Special Interest offering supplemental funding for work in this area. The application due date is May 9, 2023.

See if any of the available grants highlighted in this Notice of Special Interest are a good fit for your data science work.

NCI-DOE Collaboration researchers, using data from the Genomic Data Commons, have developed TULIP: a deep learning tool for classifying human RNA-seq-based tumor types.

Are you looking for funding for your cancer informatics technology project? We highlight the most recent ITCR Funding Opportunity Announcements that may be right for you!

Learn more about NCI’s Request for Information and contribute to the conversation around cancer metabolomics data.

The latest update to the Childhood Cancer Data Catalog includes website improvements and the addition of the database of Genotypes and Phenotypes (dbGaP).

The latest update to the Childhood Cancer Data Catalog includes new and updated data, improved accessibility, as well as enhanced site search tools.