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NCI’s Imaging Data Commons has new data available, and, thanks to AI and cloud computing, it’s easier than ever before to work with this imaging data.

Explore this challenge if you’re a software tool developer interested in assessing how well your tool de-identifies medical images.

Thanks to a unique public-private partnership, new data elements will soon be a routine part of electronic health records, capturing information about cancer and helping to improve cancer diagnosis, treatment, and care.

Read the four-part series on NCI’s Cancer Research Data Commons’ history, resources, standards, and future initiatives. The articles are now available online in “Cancer Research,” one of the flagship journals of the American Association for Cancer Research (AACR).

Are you having trouble prioritizing which genetic variants to study in your cancer research? There’s a new platform, called FORGEdb, that can help you pinpoint promising variants and target genes.

Participate in the upcoming challenge to assess NCI Cancer Research Data Commons' compatibility with AI/ML technologies.

Do you work with digital twin data models? If so, consider applying by March 21, 2024, for research funding!

CBIIT Director Dr. Tony Kerlavage and NCI Chief Information Officer Mr. Jeff Shilling discuss the need for standardized data; the importance of addressing biases in artificial intelligence (AI) models; recruitment; and the necessity for continuous learning when it comes to AI.

Explore a new interactive dashboard that includes data sets of advanced machine-generated segmentation of tumor and organ contents.

Interested in digital twin technology? Read this report for a “reality check” on what is currently known about the technology and what’s still missing.