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Explore this challenge if you’re a software tool developer interested in assessing how well your tool de-identifies medical images.

Thanks to a unique public-private partnership, new data elements will soon be a routine part of electronic health records, capturing information about cancer and helping to improve cancer diagnosis, treatment, and care.

Find harmonized demographic and clinical data in this new data commons from NCI’s Childhood Cancer Data Initiative!

Are you planning to attend this year’s American Association for Cancer Research (AACR) Annual Meeting? Make sure to add these NCI-affiliated data science activities to your schedule!

Attending the AMIA 2024 Informatics Summit? Don't miss these NCI CBIIT-affiliated data science sessions!

The NCI CBIIT Metadata Software and Services team members received a 2023 NIH Director’s Award for restructuring metadata infrastructure and services to meet your needs.

Get the latest updates to NCI’s Enterprise Vocabulary Services, including childhood cancer staging terminology and Genomic Data Commons property and value terminology.

The DataWorks! Prize recognizes and rewards exceptional researchers for their work in biological and biomedical data practices. Submit your data sharing/reuse best practice “recipes” by July 24, 2024!

NCI’s Childhood Cancer Data Initiative has a new online Hub. If you’re a researcher, doctor, or citizen scientist, you now have quick-and-easy access to a rapidly growing inventory of data, tools, and resources on childhood cancer data.

Planning your itinerary for this year’s American Association for Cancer Research (AACR) Annual Meeting? Want to make sure you catch the NCI-affiliated data science activities? We’ve put together a helpful reference page for you!