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Do you specialize in pancreatic cancer? See how researchers are using artificial intelligence to find undetectable cancers on scans of seemingly normal pancreases, long before clinical symptoms are visible.

A new algorithm is showing promising results in predicting lung cancer. See how proteins in your blood may someday help determine your risk for lung cancer.

Do you work with digital twin data models? If so, consider applying by March 21, 2024, for research funding!

Do you conduct NIH-funded research? Try out these data management and sharing (DMS) plan pilot templates, give your input, and help shape the future of NIH DMS Plan design!

The ways that cells interact with neighboring cells and their environments can either regulate or promote how tumors grow and spread. See how a new tool is helping us better understand these important “neighborhood” interactions.

Are you working on artificial intelligence (AI) solutions for cancer care? Check out these guidelines from the Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information, which should help make AI in clinical care more transparent.

Here at NCI CBIIT, we’re hiring a program director to support our Data Ecosystems Branch. Apply by January 26, 2024.

CBIIT Director Dr. Tony Kerlavage and NCI Chief Information Officer Mr. Jeff Shilling discuss the need for standardized data; the importance of addressing biases in artificial intelligence (AI) models; recruitment; and the necessity for continuous learning when it comes to AI.

Explore a new interactive dashboard that includes data sets of advanced machine-generated segmentation of tumor and organ contents.

Explore this NCI-supported funding opportunity if you’re interested in conducting a study on using mobile health technology to improve cancer outcomes in low- and middle-income countries.