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A new $14 million project, funded by NIH’s Bridge2AI program, is turning the traditional biomarker concept on its ear. Instead of examining genetic or similar molecular characteristics, researchers are collecting data to look for voice biomarkers that can be linked to cancer.

Apply to provide bioinformatic support as a staff scientist for the research program of Dr. Ludmila Prokunina-Olsson, Laboratory of Translational Genomics chief and senior investigator. This program is focused on genetics and genomics of bladder cancer and the role of IFNL4, a type III interferon, in infection and cancer.

Explore the newly released pediatric data set that includes information on DNA/RNA sequencing, methylation arrays, and deidentified clinical reports.

Learn more about NCI’s Request for Information and contribute to the conversation around cancer metabolomics data.

Collaboration, cooperation, and the need for multimodal, multiscale data were central themes in a recent article on NCI’s efforts to develop a cancer research digital twin.

The latest update to the Childhood Cancer Data Catalog includes website improvements and the addition of the database of Genotypes and Phenotypes (dbGaP).

A new precision medicine platform combines machine learning with sophisticated analysis to help researchers mine chromosomal alterations linked to cancer.

Welcome to the Index of NCI Studies: a new web application designed to gather and display cancer research publications, data sets, clinical trials, and patents from NCI-funded programs. Explore the application (currently in a pilot phase) and leave feedback!

Learn more about a funding opportunity to develop AI-based models for predicting abdominal cancers. Applications may be accepted until May 8, 2023.

NCI-funded researchers recently began a partnership with AI experts from ConcertAI, LLC, to improve diversity in cancer clinical trials in the U.S. Gulf South region.