Cancer Data Science Pulse

The Cancer Data Science Pulse blog provides insights on trends, policies, initiatives, and innovation in the data science and cancer research communities from professionals dedicated to building a national cancer data ecosystem that enables new discoveries and reduces the burden of cancer.

Are you familiar with TCGA? This landmark data set maps the genomic profiles of 33 cancer types and subtypes. Learn how this rich data collection helps researchers like you better understand the molecular features associated with cancer.

After 37 years at NCI, most of which was time serving as chief of the Statistical Research and Applications Branch for the Surveillance Research Program within NCI’s Division of Cancer Control and Population Sciences, Dr. Feuer shares his past experience and accomplishments as well as his advice to the next generation of cancer researchers.

We spoke to Dr. Tongwu Zhang of NCI’s Division of Cancer Epidemiology and Genetics to hear his advice on advancing in the cancer data science field.

Are you new to the cancer research lab and have realized how important it is to have basic data science knowledge? See how many of these cancer data science questions you answer correctly. After, you can use our training resources to improve your score!

We’re celebrating “Love Data Week” by featuring scientists who love data—especially diverse data. In this blog, scientists tell why they love diverse data and offer tips for increasing diversity in your research data.

Did you know that the same technology that makes your video games more realistic is helping to power important advances in cancer research? This latest blog by Dr. Eric Stahlberg looks at edge computing and how it’s helping to transform cancer research and care.

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After her fellowship with NCI, one health information manager learned it’s never too late to learn more about data science. Read about the five things she said are helping her in her career.

Patients play a pivotal role in cancer research by generously giving the “gift” of data. In this blog, Dr. Jaime Guidry Auvil of NCI’s Office of Data Sharing looks closely at that gift and what it means for everyone involved in cancer research—scientists, people with cancer, their families, and generations to come.

Want to know what NCI learned from a recent RFI on data sharing processes? Explore insights and NCI’s future plans to support cancer data scientists!