Xiaopeng Bian, Ph.D.

Staff Scientist


Dr. Xiaopeng Bian is a bioinformatics specialist at CBIIT and has spent his twenty-year tenure focusing on caArray, protExpress, CPAS, CTD2, and PID. He has developed and maintained project websites, provided technical and scientific expertise, and served as a liaison to the cancer research community. Currently, Dr. Bian is working on high throughput genomic data analysis under a high-performance parallel computing environment in supporting intramural and extramural research, such as the Department of Cancer Epidemiology and Genetics and the Center for Cancer Research. He performs basic and advanced analysis of data produced from next generation sequencing systems (DNA-seq, RNA-seq, exome, whole genome, and ChIP-seq, etc.). Dr. Bian graduated from Tianjin Medical College in China and earned his doctorate degree from Duke University.




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