Lawrence "Larry" Brem

Manager, Software Development and Support


Mr. Lawrence “Larry” Brem is the Manager for Software Development and Support for CBIIT’s Office of the Chief Information Officer. In this role, he manages the maturation of the software development environment at CBIIT and NCI (including business application software) and oversees grants administration and scientific application software development.  He leverages his deep understanding of the software development lifecycle and his experience and knowledge of CBIIT and NCI software projects to build an environment that supports all software development, from basic content-sharing websites to large-scale NCI applications.

Mr. Brem has extensive experience at NCI and CBIIT. He started as a contractor for the Frederick National Laboratory for Cancer Research (FNLCR) in 2008, leading both the architecture and vocabulary workspaces of the cancer Biomedical Informatics Grid™ project.  He helped transition projects to the National Cancer Informatics Program and then transitioned to support CBIIT’s current intramural and extramural development.

During his time at FNLCR, Mr. Brem led development on the Cooperative Research and Development Agreement Builder, the Family Health History tool, and analytical tools such as Means-to-Risk and Age Period Cohort.  Mr. Brem also oversaw the development and maintenance of the Enterprise Vocabulary Tools, the Cancer Data Services Repository, the Common Adverse Events Reporting System, NCI’s Molecular Analysis for Therapy Choice, as well as many other applications.

Before working at NCI, Larry worked at SAIC and Network Solutions. There, he modernized Domain Name Request Systems (from mail templates to web services), and he updated fulfillment systems to asynchronous queue-based systems.

Larry has a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering from Worcester Polytechnic Institute and a master’s degree in electrical engineering from the University of Virginia (Wahoowa).