Nelya Gunina

Program Manager


Ms. Nelya Gunina is the program manager for the Grants Management and NCI Application Development and Support programs under the Evaluation and Strategic Initiatives Branch, and serves as one of the Federal leads for the Science Management Team. As NCI’s primary Institute and Center (IC) Coordinator for grants management systems, IMPAC II and IMPAC II Extension System (I2E), she facilitates user access to the IMPAC II and I2E systems and ensures that each user account has a valid business need. Ms. Gunina joined CBIIT in 2000 as a computer specialist in the Office of Management within the Information System and Computer Services. Prior to that, she served NCI for more than 17 years and has more than 25 years of IT specialist experience. In 2015, Ms. Gunina received an NCI Director’s Award for her work leading the Science Management Team. She has a bachelor’s degree in information systems from Lugansk Industrial College in Ukraine.  


  • Contract Management