Sylvia Gayle, Ph.D.

Scientific Program Officer


Dr. Sylvia Shabaya Gayle is a scientific program officer in the Office of Data Sharing (ODS) at CBIIT. In this role, Dr. Gayle applies her cancer research expertise to increase cancer data availability by optimizing NCI data access and sharing processes. She also supports NCI activities related to data sharing, including the Childhood Cancer Data Initiative, and she served on the planning committee for the Symposium on Personalized Control of Genomic Data for Research. As a cancer researcher, Dr. Gayle investigated novel drug treatments for triple negative breast cancers at Case Western Reserve University in the Pharmacology Department. Dr. Gayle earned her doctorate from the Emory University Molecular and Systems Pharmacology program with a focus on identifying novel treatments for patients with HER2-overexpressing breast cancer.


  • Gabriella Miller Kids First Data Access Committee
  • NCI Data Access Committee