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Career Confessions: 5 Things a Research Fellow Learned in a Cancer Data Scientist Lab

As part of our Career Confessions from Cancer Data Scientists series, we present a one-on-one with an NCI data scientist to share his career journey.


Kun Wang, Ph.D.
Research Fellow, Cancer Data Science Lab
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Thanks Kun for these great advice for younger fellows!
These are very well said comments from Kun - it will help to motivate younger fellows in right direction! Looking forward to more such valuable tips!
All the best!
Thank you Lipika. We’re committed to providing engaging content that will be valuable to early career cancer data scientists. If you haven’t already, consider using the “Subscribe” button to sign up for our weekly email—you’ll be the first to know when we publish new blogs you may be interested in.
Hello, the interview in infographic format was very beautiful. However, when leaving the content in image format it is not accessible for other readings. Even for people who use support tools such as translators, machine reading for people with low visual acuity.
I suggest, in addition to the infographic, to have the transcription of the content in text format for access.
Thank you for your attention.
Thank you for reaching out. We corrected an earlier issue with the alt text for accessibility devices. The complete text was added and will now be recognized by screen readers.
Thank you for sharing this informative information about the career. It will help while selecting the career options.
Thank you for your feedback. We’re glad you found it helpful!