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Qingrong Chen, Ph.D.

Biomedical Informatics Specialist
Computational Genomics & Bioinformatics Branch
(240) 276-5244

Heather Creasy

Biomedical Informatics Project Manager

Blaise Czekalski, M.S.

IT Specialist (Systems Analysis)

Tanja Davidsen, Ph.D.

Data Ecosystems Branch Chief

Brenda R. Duggan, R.N.

Biomedical Informatics Specialist
Clinical & Translational Research Informatics Branch
(208) 939-9201

Maurice Edmonds

IT Specialist (Information Security)
IT Services and Support Branch
(301) 480-6198

Ina Felau

Health Science Administrator

Patty Ferson

IT Specialist (Information Security)
Digital Services and Solutions Branch
(301) 846-5207

Joe Flores-Toro, Ph.D.

Health Scientist Administrator
Scientific Policy and Program Branch A
(240) 276-5329
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