Brenda R. Duggan, R.N.

Community Informatics Programs Manager


Ms. Brenda Duggan has more than 28 years of progressive experience within healthcare, research, biotech, and pharmaceutical organizations. She joined CBIIT in 2007, where she has lead community-based programs and software development initiatives as a project manager and a program administrator. Ms. Duggan is highly-skilled in program inception and administration, technology operations, and leadership in healthcare. She has longstanding expertise in electronic and public health records technology development and deployment while engaging at a national level to impact change. Ms. Duggan is an experienced oncology nurse (adult and pediatric). She has led organizations in developing disaster response plans and has served in the National Emergency Response Team. She was honored with the NIH Director’s Award in 2009 for her leadership in the development of the National Community Cancer Center Program (NCCCP). She currently serves as the NCI Metadata Repository content manager, where she oversees a team of expert curators and leads a team of trainers in support of cancer research organizations standards implementation. She also oversees the Application Support team, who supports end users in the use of NCI tools and services. Ms. Duggan graduated from Boise State University in 1990 with a bachelor’s degree in nursing and remains an active Registered Nurse.


  • Application Support
  • IT Operations
  • My Family Health Portrait
  • National Cancer Informatics Program
  • Network/Server Configuration & Management
  • Semantic Infrastructure