WFPM: A Novel WorkFlow Package Manager to Enable Collaborative Bioinformatics Workflow Development

September 10, 2021 3:00 p.m. - 4:00 p.m. ET

As more cancer data science frameworks are tasked to meet the F.A.I.R requirements, tools that enable researchers to re-use code are critical. In this Containers and Workflows Interest Group (CWIG) webinar, bioinformatics manager Jujun Zhang will introduce WorkFlow Package Manager (WFPM), an open-source command-line interface (CLI) tool that provides reusable code and best practices assistance throughout the development lifecycle. With automated code generation and continuous integration testing and releasing, WFPM CLI allows data scientists and tool developers to create standard and reusable genomic analysis workflow packages. 

The monthly CWIG series brings together data scientists, bioinformaticians, computer scientists, and researchers to learn more about cloud computing and container technologies, workflows, and pipelines that could drive cancer data science. View the CWIG event website to search and register for upcoming webinars.

Jujun Zhang

Mr. Zhang is a bioinformatics manager at the Ontario Institute for Cancer Research with more than 19 years of experience designing and building cancer genomics and bioinformatics solutions.

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