Immuno-Oncology Translational Network (IOTN) Capstone Meeting

May 14, 2024 - May 15, 2024

Have you heard of IOTN and its focus on leveraging expertise and resources to develop improved immunotherapy and immunoprevention approaches?

Attend this meeting to hear:

  • highlights on scientific accomplishments across the IOTN,
  • keynote talks,
  • presentations by IOTN early career scientists, and
  • an overview on data sharing resources associated with the IOTN Data Management and Resource-Sharing Center.

Registration closes May 7, 2024.

Topics include:

  • IOTN Data Sharing Resources and Immunoprevention
  • Next Generation T Cell Engineering
  • Tumor Immune Microenvironments
  • Immunotherapy and Adverse Events
  • Immuno-Engineering
  • Canine Immuno-Oncology and Multi-Modal Strategies
  • Developing New Targets and Cytokines for Immuno-Oncology

The IOTN is built on team science and a mission to address adult cancer treatment and prevention through the discovery and evaluation of novel, immune-based approaches.

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