Getting to Know the GA4GH Workflow Execution Service (WES) API

April 08, 2022 3:00 p.m. - 4:00 p.m. ET

Join NCI CBIIT’s Dr. Ian Fore and Sage Bionetworks’ Dr. James Eddy as they discuss the Workflows Execution Service (WES) API developed by the Global Alliance for Genomics and Health (GA4GH).

Developed by bioinformaticians, cloud and workflow platform engineers, and other members of the GA4GH community, the WES API is a standard way for cloud users to submit requests to workflow execution systems and monitor their execution. This API is one of many projects the GA4GH Cloud Workstream has led to make it easier to bring the algorithms to the data.

During the presentation, Drs. Fore and Eddy will discuss:

  • what is included in the WES API functionality.
  • how it fits with the other GA4GH workstream efforts.
  • how it’s used in GA4GH collaborator projects and ongoing development.

This webinar is part of the monthly Containers and Workflows Interest Group (CWIG) webinar series. CWIG brings together data scientists, bioinformaticians, computer scientists, and researchers to learn more about cloud computing and container technologies, workflows, and pipelines that could drive cancer data science.

The webinar series features a variety of presenters from across NIH, industry, and academia. Though cancer research is the focus of the series, unrelated data science and cloud computing topics are still welcome. In the last year, the CWIG webinar speakers have discussed:

  • NIH cloud programs like the CGC, its fellow NCI Cloud Resources, and NIH STRIDES.
  • commercial cloud platforms for biomedical data storage and computing.
  • pipelines and tools for deep learning and various omics analysis.

This event is open to the public.

Ian Fore, Ph.D.

Dr. Fore is a senior biomedical informatics program manager at CBIIT, specializing in integrating data from both basic and clinical science. His current contributions focus on the core components of the Cancer Research Data Commons (CRDC), which enable data integration, topics such as subject and specimen data, identifiers, and data aggregation. Through this capacity, Dr. Fore works with the Cloud workstream and as a representative for the CRDC GA4GH driver project.

James Eddy, Ph.D.

Dr. Eddy is the Director of Informatics & Computing at Sage Bionetworks. He is a computational biologist and cancer researcher with experience in developing and managing high-throughput molecular databases, bioinformatics pipelines, and analytical workflows. Dr. Eddy has worked closely with the GA4GH to develop standards for data sharing and analysis, including serving as champion for the WES API and as the Cloud workstream representative on the Technical Alignment Subcommittee.

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