General Opportunities for Streamlining Access to Controlled Data

July 26, 2021 12:30 p.m. - 02:00 p.m. ET

This webinar will focus on identifying potential common solutions for streamlining NIH controlled-access mechanisms through implementation improvements (e.g., more efficient workflows or Data Access Committee processes) and through the use of emerging technological advancements (e.g., automation, single sign-on) where feasible and appropriate. In considering opportunities for streamlining, NIH is planning for the controlled data ecosystem as it might evolve in the future.

This webinar is a breakout session from the July 9 webinar, Streamlining Access to Controlled Data at NIH: Tackling Challenges and Identifying Opportunities. To learn more about this topic, including an additional breakout session planned for July 28, 2021, visit the Office of Data Science Strategy webpage.