FragPipe Enables One-Stop Proteomics Data Analysis

August 24, 2022 2:00 p.m. - 3:00 p.m. ET

Register for the August Cancer Genomics Cloud (CGC) webinar to learn more about FragPipe, a one-stop proteomics data analysis suite, and how it runs on the CGC using publicly available data.

Dr. Fengchao Yu from the University of Michigan will present how he developed FragPipe as well as how the program can perform searches and support quantifications. Following Dr. Yu, Dr. Rowan Beck from Seven Bridges will demonstrate how to run FragPipe on the CGC.

As one of the three Cloud Resources within the NCI Cancer Research Data Commons, the Seven Bridges’ CGC provides researchers access to a wide variety of data sets, a catalog of tools to analyze and visualize the data directly from the browser, and scalable computational resources to perform large scale analysis on the cloud.

Fengchao Yu, Ph.D.

Dr. Yu is a research investigator from Alexey Nesvizhskii’s lab at the University of Michigan. His research interests include proteomics and bioinformatics. Currently, he is the leading developer and maintainer of FragPipe, MSFragger, and IonQuant.

Rowan Beck, Ph.D.

Dr. Beck is the community engagement manager for Seven Bridges. She creates content to help researchers learn how to use Seven Bridges platforms, leads training sessions and workshops, and engages with users of Seven Bridges platforms to understand their research questions.

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