A Cloud-Based Platform for the Dissemination of Deep Learning Models

October 03, 2022 1:00 p.m. - 2:00 p.m. ET

Join Drs. Andrey Fedorov and Hugo Aerts for the upcoming October NCI Imaging and Informatics Community Webinar. Their presentation includes updates to the Imaging Data Commons (IDC)—a repository of the NCI Cancer Research Data Commons—and conversation concerning a cloud-based platform for the dissemination of deep learning models.  

Dr. Fedorov will provide the update on IDC and discuss new data sets and new features of the repository. He will also review the work on expanding learning materials, including the application of IDC and cloud computing to support reproducible artificial intelligence (AI) research.

Dr. Aerts will present on the cloud-based platform that NCI and his team are developing for the structured dissemination of deep learning models that is domain-, data-, and framework-agnostic, and can cater to different workflows and contributors’ preferences.

Andrey Fedorov, Ph.D.

Dr. Fedorov is an associate professor of radiology at Harvard Medical School. His research is in the translation and validation of medical image computing technology in clinical research applications, with a focus on quantitative imaging, imaging informatics, and image-guided interventional procedures. He is currently a co-principal investigator tasked with building the NCI Imaging Data Commons.

Hugo Aerts, Ph.D.

Dr. Aerts is an associate professor at Harvard University and a full professor at Maastricht University. He is the director of the Artificial Intelligence in Medicine (AIM) Program at Harvard-Mass General Brigham (MGB), a leader in medical AI, and a principal investigator on major NIH-supported efforts, including NCI’s Quantitative Imaging Network and Informatics Technology for Cancer Research initiatives.

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