Capturing Cancer Recurrence with Novel Data Linkages

December 05, 2023 2:00 p.m. - 3:00 p.m. ET

Are you a data scientist looking to make a difference in healthcare and survivorship care? Register for this event on the data-driven exploration of cancer survivorship! 

In this webinar, the University of Utah’s Dr. Hashibe will:

  • discuss how novel data linkages, including electronic health records, can be used to identify recurrences in cancer survivors.
  • share insights into the current state of research and her work toward establishing population-level tracking of cancer recurrence.
  • explore customized algorithms based on relevant data.

Cancer recurrence is a concern shared by survivors and caregivers alike. It is also what promotes the constant development of survivorship care. Don't miss this opportunity to hear how researchers are leveraging data science techniques to gain a better understanding of the scope of recurrence among cancer survivors and how it could inform clinical practice, improve patient health, and better assess treatment effectiveness.

Mia Hashibe, Ph.D.

Dr. Hashibe is a professor in the department of family and preventative medicine at the University of Utah. She is also an investigator at the Huntsman Cancer Institute and the director of Research Facilitation and Integration at the Utah Cancer Registry.

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