Office of Data Sharing (ODS)

Office of Data Sharing (ODS)

At ODS, our work centers on the policies, programs, and processes involved in sharing data—both within NCI and across the larger cancer research community.

Find Out What We Do

We work with everyone who has a stake in cancer research, from researchers and data scientists to administrators and patients. While navigating an ever-shifting landscape of technology and tools, we devise concrete strategies—ensuring you comply with current polices, but also helping you add value to your research data. 

Why is data sharing important? When you share data, you’re able to:  

  • extend the usefulness of data beyond a single study, making scientific discovery faster and more efficient,
  • increase the rigor and reproducibility of cancer research, and
  • foster collaboration that leads to further innovation and tangible results.

Scientific Policy and Program Branches (SPBBs)

Branch A Chief: Subhashini Jagu, Ph.D.
Branch B Chief: Emily Boja, Ph.D.

Our office includes two branches, and our chief responsibilities are:

Leading NCI’s Efforts in Data Sharing. We’re leading NCI’s strategic vision and making certain that the approaches for managing, sharing, and accessing data adhere to the latest policies.

Helping You Comply With Policies. We’re seeking new ways to help you comply with current policies, establishing and coordinating processes so data from NCI-supported studies are easy to access, share, and use.

Supporting NCI Initiatives. We’re leading and guiding data-related NCI initiatives to help others share data with the wider research community.

Fostering Collaboration. We’re working with others at NCI to ensure that data-related initiatives and data management processes meet the required federal policies.

Serving as Advocates for Data Sharing. We’re making certain you’re up to date on the latest policies, tools, and resources you need to make your data available to the fuller cancer research community.  

Get Information on Our Projects

We lead many data sharing efforts, including:

We also help support a number of other key initiatives, including: