Freddie L. Pruitt III, Ph.D.

Scientific Program Officer


Dr. Freddie L. Pruitt III is a scientific program officer in the Office of Data Sharing (ODS) at CBIIT. Prior to joining NCI in 2016, Dr. Pruitt studied the role of the tumor microenvironment in prostate cancer progression for identifying new targets for therapeutic intervention. As a graduate student at Vanderbilt University, Dr. Pruitt examined the differential expression of estrogen regulated genes in cancer-associated stroma which contributes to the promotion of tumorigenesis. His interests in biology at a molecular level progressed into translational research and carried Dr. Pruitt to the Department of Oncology at Johns Hopkins Medical Center as a postdoctoral fellow. As a fellow, his research focused on designing “molecular grenades” for metastatic prostate cancer. This novel drug delivery system involved delivering an inactive (pro) toxin to tumors in both primary and metastatic sites that is specifically converted to the active toxin by an enzyme exclusively expressed by the tumor and cells associated with the tumor.


  • Gabriella Miller Kids First Data Access Committee
  • NCI Data Access Committee