Share Your Feedback on NCI’s Integrated Canine Data Commons

Share Feedback on NCI's ICDC

NCI is looking for cancer researchers (who need access to comparative oncology data sets) to give feedback on the Integrated Canine Data Commons (ICDC) data portal and its tools.

This project will consist of remote 1-hour interviews with researchers and data scientists across the cancer research community between Monday, January 31, and Friday, February 4. No prior experience with the portal is required, and participants needed include:

  • Cancer biologists
  • Veterinarian oncologists
  • Cancer bioinformaticians
  • Data scientists
  • Software/tool developers
  • Program administrators

Participants will receive an honorarium for their time. Due to federal regulations, NCI staff, contractors, trainees, interns, and fellows are not eligible for an incentive.

As part of NCI’s Cancer Research Data Commons, the ICDC collects and provides access to spontaneously occurring canine cancer data sets. Dog and human cancer patients share many similar experiences. Dogs can develop many of the same types of cancer as their human companions. Furthermore, treatments that are safe and effective for dogs often work well for people. Through the ICDC’s capabilities and connections to the other CRDC components, cancer researchers can integrate these data sets for cross-species analysis, leading to better insights for treatments for all patients.

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