New Data in GDC: 212 Cervical Cancer Cases

NCI's Cancer Research Data Commons (CRDC) has new data from the HIV+ Tumor Molecular Characterization Project (HTMCP).

The NCI Office of Cancer Genomics (OCG), along with NCI's Office of HIV and AIDS Malignancies (OHAM), initiated this project to gain insight into the genetic events driving HIV-associated cancer and to determine why HIV-positive patients are more likely to have certain cancers such as cervical cancer, lung cancer, or diffuse large B-cell lymphoma.

This release contains both open and controlled-access genomic data for 212 cervical cancer cases obtained from the following:

  • RNA-seq
  • miRNA-seq
  • WGS
  • Targeted sequencing

Explore the HTMCP cervical cancer data through the GDC.

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