NCI Helps Address Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion at the GA4GH

NCI staff contributed their expertise to an October 2023 publication that illustrates how the Global Alliance for Genomics and Health (GA4GH) coalition is creating a more equitable, diverse, and inclusive (EDI) environment for its standards and among members of its global community.

Key initiatives have included the creation of two groups, and several NCI staff have contributed to each of them: 

These groups develop comprehensive policies to address disparities, promote diversity, and ensure equitable access to genomic data. The coalition also created the following calls to action to address these barriers, which require collaboration between researchers, policymakers, healthcare providers, and community advocates:

  • Share insights on identifying and addressing EDI needs.
  • Assess and discuss EDI culture and practices.
  • Promote work within EDI and genomics.

“This work embodies GA4GH’s commitment to the integration of diverse perspectives into genomics policy and standards, from the onset, by fostering global collaboration,” says Dr. Emi Casas-Silva, NCI CBIIT health science administrator and author on this journal article. “It aims to make the benefits of genomics research more accessible to everyone, irrespective of background or geography. The culmination of these efforts supports NCI’s mission to ensure that cutting-edge genomic research and technology benefits all populations, ultimately leading to more effective cancer prevention, diagnosis, and treatment for diverse communities.”

Improved EDI practices have the potential to enhance innovation, creativity, and the overall impact of the GA4GH community. The GA4GH believes in a coalition that embraces individuals from all backgrounds, professional expertise, and disciplinary fields, encouraging their full engagement and participation.

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