NCBI Single Cell in the Cloud Codeathon—Project Proposals Due December 2

NCBI Codeathons: Bringing people with diverse backgrounds together to build tools for advanced analysis of biomedical data. White text with purple background and white dots in background.

The New York Genome Center is hosting a National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI) Single Cell in the Cloud codeathon from January 15 – 17, 2020.

This codeathon will focus on single cell data, including RNA, DNA, and chromatin accessibility. Proposals for pipelines and analysis of SRA data, data interoperability, and the use of machine learning techniques in clustering are of particular interest. Proposals for tutorial pipelines and educational tools are also encouraged. Teams will have access to computational resources in the Cloud to turn ideas into working prototypes.   

You can choose to lead your project team, recommend someone, or request the assignment of a team lead. Providing a designated team lead increases the probability that the project will get selected for the codeathon.

Submit your project proposal by December 2.

To see a list of previous codeathon projects, visit the NCBI Codeathons website.

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