NCI is developing a framework of modular and reusable core components that will provide common approaches to functions that are required across the Cancer Research Data Commons (CRDC).

Authentication and autorization

Secure User Authentication and Authorization (A&A)

Provides common identity and access management to ensure data in the CRDC are secure and accessible to approved users.


Metadata Validation Tools

Ensures consistent metadata, which enables interoperability and supports data harmonization across repositories and data types.

Data Models

Consistent Data Models

Consistent data models and data dictionaries support interoperability and analysis across many, diverse datasets and projects.


An API and Container Environment for Tools and Pipelines

Provides common interfaces for researchers to bring their own tools to access and analyze data available through the CRDC.


Collaborative Workspaces for Storing Data, Tools, and Results 

Allows users to store and share data and research results, combine those with data from different CRDC repositories, and conduct further analysis using tools provided in the Cloud Resources.