Toward Fully Reproducible Microbiome Multi-omics Bioinformatics with QIIME 2

February 21, 2024 10:00 a.m. - 11:00 a.m. ET

QIIME 2 is a microbiome, multi-omics, data science platform. In this webinar, Dr. J. Gregory Caporaso will discuss:

  • how he and his team use QIIME 2 and are currently expanding beyond marker gene analysis, including the new “QIIME 2 Shotgun Metagenomics Distribution.”
  • the platform’s retrospective data provenance tracking system, including the recently introduced “Provenance Replay” functionality. This functionality allows you to automatically generate new code from your existing QIIME 2 results to reproduce and “replay” analyses that you or others ran.
  • how to use QIIME 2 through the Galaxy graphical user interface, its command line interface, and its Python 3 API. Full support is available for each of these different interface types, ensuring that you can use QIIME 2 regardless of your computational background.
  • the platform’s extensive educational and technical support resources, so you can start learning and applying QIIME 2 to your work quickly!

The QIIME platform (including QIIME 1 and QIIME 2) is funded by NCI’s Informatics Technology for Cancer Research program. Scientists have extensively applied QIIME in microbiome research, repeatedly making analyses that were once challenging or impossible into routine tasks. QIIME began as a marker gene (e.g., 16S, ITS) analysis platform, and while microbiome research is rapidly transitioning toward multi-omics data, QIIME 2 can help address the new informatics challenges that come along with that transition.

J. Gregory Caporaso, Ph.D.

Dr. Caporaso works at Northern Arizona State University. Here, he is a professor in the department of biological sciences and the director of the Center for Applied Microbiome Science, Pathogen, and Microbiome Institute.

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