Mining for Alternative Polyadenylation Events in Cancer Using Large Scale RNA-Seq Datasets

April 26, 2023 1:00 p.m. - 2:00 p.m. ET

In this month’s Cancer Genomics Cloud (CGC) webinar, Dr. Tolga Can of the Colorado School of Mines will share how he and members of the Erson-Bensan Lab are using publicly available RNA-seq data sets and CGC resources to screen for alternative polyadenylation events in cancer cells.

Dr. Tolga will discuss how to:

  • utilize the tools on CGC to speed up data upload, preprocessing, and alignment stages.
  • use programmatic access to automatically update the metadata of individual samples to avoid manually entering the information for data sets containing hundreds of samples.
  • use locally installed and cloud-based tools together for downstream analysis.

As one of the three Cloud Resources within the NCI Cancer Research Data Commons, the Seven Bridges’ CGC (Velsera) provides researchers access to a wide variety of data sets, a catalog of tools to analyze and visualize the data directly from the browser, and scalable computational resources to perform large scale analysis on the cloud.

Tolga Can, Ph.D.

Dr. Can is a computer science professor at the Colorado School of Mines. His main research interests include bioinformatics, graph theory, and algorithms. He has worked on protein structure analysis and large-scale biological networks.

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