Improving Immunotherapy Strategies for Cancers

July 27, 2023 12:00 p.m. - 1:00 p.m. ET

Attend this webinar to hear how two cancer research teams developed ways for identifying tumor-specific targets that would otherwise be invisible to the human immune system.

New York University's Dr. Mark Yarmarkovich will share how he and his team developed a way to integrate large-scale genomic data sets with experiments that survey the landscape of neuroblastoma peptides presented on human leukocyte antigens.

Roswell Park Cancer Center's Dr. A.J. Robert McGray will discuss how his team has engineered T cells to secrete tumor-specific BiTE-T cells for adoptive T cell therapy in ovarian cancer.

This junior investigator session is tied to the Cancer Moonshot SM Blue Ribbon Panel report’s recommendations to create both an adult immunotherapy network and a pediatric immunotherapy discovery and development network.

A.J. Robert McGray, Ph.D.

Dr. McGray is the assistant professor of oncology and immunotherapy at the Roswell Park Comprehensive Cancer Center in Buffalo, New York.

Mark Yarmarkovich, Ph.D.

Dr. Yarmarkovich is a principal investigator and assistant professor at New York University School of Medicine.

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