Childhood Cancer Data Initiative Webinar: Current Programs and Progress

September 13, 2021 2:00 p.m. - 3:00 p.m. ET

The Childhood Cancer Data Initiative (CCDI) Engagement Committee will host this webinar to provide an overview of the research initiative. This includes opening remarks from NCI Director, Dr. Ned Sharpless, about the initiative’s foundational goals, importance, and vision. This will also include updates from these speakers:

  • Dr. Lynn Penberthy, who will discuss the National Childhood Cancer Registry, which is being developed to leverage existing (and primarily adult) cancer registries to identify and follow childhood cancer cases in the U.S.
  • Dr. Jack Shern, who will talk about the Molecular Characterization Protocol, which is a strategy being developed to provide detailed clinical and molecular information to every child with cancer.

CCDI is committed to improving cancer care and research data sharing to improve the understanding of cancer biology. Deeper understanding of cancer biology will help improve cancer prevention measures, treatment, and quality of life for patients around the world.

Norman "Ned" Sharpless, M.D.

Dr. Sharpless is the director of NCI.

Lynne Penberthy, M.D., MPH

Dr. Penberthy is the associate director for the Surveillance Research Program, Division of Cancer Control and Population Sciences, NCI.

Jack Shern, M.D.

Dr. Shern is a physician scientist in the Pediatric Oncology Branch, Center for Cancer Research, NCI.

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