CCDI Federated Data: Enhancing Data Discoverability

August 13, 2024 1:00 p.m. - 2:00 p.m. ET

Interested in learning about the Childhood Cancer Data Initiative’s (CCDI’s) new Federated Data Service API, which enhances data findability and leads to advancements in treatments for pediatric cancer patients? Then don’t miss this upcoming webinar!

During this event you’ll hear more about advancing research by way of the data federation, with members demonstrating the project and discussing:

  • how to access the API,
  • OpenAPI Specification,
  • use cases for leveraging the API, and
  • the future direction of data federation.

In the demonstration phase, the following pediatric resources are joining the efforts:

  • Kids First Data Resource Center
  • Pediatric Cancer Data Commons
  • St. Jude Cloud
  • The Treehouse Childhood Cancer Data Initiative

Through this approach, you can query genomic, clinical, imaging, and biospecimen data stored across multiple sources as if it were in a single, unified database, facilitating the creation of virtual cohorts. It allows organizations to share data with you more effectively, while ensuring compliance with organizational and regulatory standards through robust data governance.

There will be a speaker Q&A at the webinar’s conclusion where you can ask questions.

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