Cancer Artificial Intelligence (AI) Research: Computational Approaches Addressing Imperfect Data

April 03, 2023 - April 04, 2023

This event has passed, but recordings of the workshop are available below.

Are you a cancer researcher or data scientist looking to more effectively utilize artificial intelligence (AI) to advance your research? NCI is hosting a virtual workshop focused on methods to address data limitations for applying AI approaches in cancer research.

View the speaker bios, and consider registering today! The deadline is Friday, March 31, 2023.

The goals of the two-day workshop are to:

  • examine the state of the science for AI methods designed to operate on noisy, complex, or low-dimensional data.
  • explore how to apply these AI methods to key areas of cancer research.
  • discuss processes for identifying the biological questions that will motivate advances in machine learning.

Day 1 Recording


Day 2 Recording

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