ATOM Consortium Webinar Series Presents: An Alternative Approach and Business Model to Accelerate Drug Discovery

February 28, 2022 11:30 a.m. - 1:00 p.m. ET

Cancer researchers and professionals involved in drug discovery are invited to join the Accelerating Therapeutics for Opportunities in Medicine (ATOM) Consortium’s first webinar in a new series of webinars. ATOM integrates high performance computing, diverse biological data, and emerging biotechnologies to create a platform to reduce the drug discovery timeline.

Dr. John Baldoni, CEO of ATOM Research Alliance, will talk about the ATOM Modeling Pipeline (AMPL), an open-source data-driven modeling pipeline that supports machine learning and molecular featurization tools.

Key takeaways:

  • Therapeutic hypotheses come from many sources and the progress is often gated by the availability of probe molecules.
  • The ATOM Consortium has demonstrated that scientists from diverse disciplines can work together to create a more effective workflow for drug discovery.
  • ARA was formed to open these effective workflows to researchers seeking probe and drug-like molecules for hypothesis testing.
  • ARA has highly adaptable mechanisms to support individual researchers, molecule discovery biotech, and biotech investors, which protect innovator intellectual property and fulfill ARA’s obligation to furthering the democratization of drug discovery.
John Baldoni, Ph.D., CEO of ATOM Research Alliance

In Dr. John Baldoni’s 41 years in the pharmaceutical industry, he has led organizations spanning drug discovery, preclinical development, manufacturing, and technology development. He is a proponent of seeking, integrating, and implementing innovative approaches to drug discovery and development. John worked with public sector and government partners to form the ATOM Consortium and to create the non-profit ARA. In addition to his work with ARA, he works with cutting edge technology companies to translate innovation to value.

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