Brandon J. Wright, Ph.D.

Health Science Administrator

  • Center for Biomedical Informatics & Information Technology
  • Office of Data Sharing
  • Scientific Policy and Program Branch B
  • Current Role

    Current Role

    I support the Childhood Cancer Data Initiative and the Cancer Research Data Commons (CRDC) Privacy Policy, and I serve as both a genomic program administrator and volunteer grant review panelist. I also conduct landscape and gap analyses, process data access requests, and assess NCI-funded cloud-based data analysis tools. My expertise in neuroscience, cancer research, and computing-related technologies have allowed me to serve on various working groups, including the following: Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning, NIH Cloud Platform Interoperability, Future Technology Trends, Trans-NIH Data Sharing, and Developer Access. Additionally, as a Contracting Officer’s Representative, part of my job will entail supporting oversight of contractor performance and deliverables.

  • Projects


    Photo portrays a small child in a blue dress sitting and holding a stuffed teddy bear and talking with a doctor. Although she has cancer, as shown by her cancer-related hair loss, she’s happy and smiling at her doctor.

    Childhood Cancer Data Initiative (CCDI)

    Develops means to collect and share childhood cancer data to learn from every child with cancer.
    Photo shows a group of multinational children sitting closely together and smiling a the camera.

    Gabriella Miller Kids First Data Access Committee

    Grants researchers access to controlled childhood cancer and structural birth defects data.
    Stylized image of a cloud showing repositories of data represented by circles with small icons hovering over top. The repositories include canine, imaging, genomic, and other types of data.

    NCI Cancer Research Data Commons (CRDC)

    Connects researchers with data sets and tools to analyze large- scale cancer research data in the cloud.
    Photo shows four clinicians sitting at a table. A tablet, laptop, phone, and paper files and documents are on the table. Three doctors are listening as one is speaking.

    NCI Data Access Committee

    Reviews requests to access data in the database of Genotypes and Phenotypes.
  • Publications
  • Background



    • Ph.D., Physiology, University of Wisconsin-Madison
    • B.S., Computer Science, Grambling State University

    Previous Work

    • Intramural Postdoctoral Fellow, Protein Processing Section, NCI
    • Intramural Postdoctoral Fellow, Unit on the Neurobiology of Affective Memory, NIMH

    Recent Awards

    • Cancer Research Training Award (2017-2021), NCI
    • Neuroscience Scholars Program (2017-2019), NIMH
    • Intramural Research Training Award (2016-2017), NIMH