We’re Hiring—Join as First NCI Deputy Director for Data Science

Are you a highly qualified, visionary leader working in the field of data science? If so, apply to become NCI’s first Deputy Director for Data Science.

Apply for the position of Deputy Director of Data Science at NCI before August 25, 2023.

This is a new role at NCI and an important opportunity, as today we’re applying data science to nearly every aspect of cancer research.

If you’re selected for this key position, you’ll work with:

  • NCI’s CBIIT to help guide key data science initiatives, including implementing the NIH Strategic Plan for Data Science and leading NCI in efforts to collect, store, analyze, and share basic, translational, and clinical research data.
  • other Federal agencies, as needed for cross-governmental collaboration, and outside organizations.

Qualifications include:

  • strong commitment to innovative thinking.
  • an advanced degree (M.D. and/or Ph.D.) in a health informatics, data science, or bioinformatics-relevant position.
  • demonstrated experience in setting, planning, implementing, and analyzing program objectives and priorities.
  • proven expertise in data science, such as a clear understanding of:
    • high-value data sources to meet diverse research needs,
    • machine learning solutions to bridge the gap between data management and data science,
    • diverse data types and their sources (translational research, clinical trials, and observational research, as well as data from electronic health records),
    • the cancer research community and their data needs,
    • science and healthcare data technology, including commercial products, and
    • regulatory requirements for collecting, storing, and using biomedical research data. 
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