Pediatric Genomic Data Available on

The Pediatric Genomic Data Inventory (PGDI) is now available on for data scientists and cancer researchers. Developed by the NCI Office of Cancer Genomics, PGDI allows investigators to more easily locate genomic data sets to fuel new discoveries and treatments specific to pediatric cancers. This resource lists known ongoing and completed sequencing projects of pediatric cancer cohorts from the United States and other countries, along with some basic details and reference metadata.

PGDI will continue to offer information to individuals interested in accessing and sharing data from pediatric genomic cancer research. Researchers can access various cancer data types and major pediatric cancer studies, including:

  • The Genomic Landscape of Tuberous Sclerosis Complex
  • Individualized Cancer Therapy
  • International Cancer Genome Consortium
  • International Neuroblastoma Risk Group
  • International Soft Tissue Sarcoma Consortium
  • Pediatric Cancer Genome Project
  • Therapeutically Applicable Research to Generate Effective Treatments

Data sources will be organized to provide key information, including project name, project website, availability of genomic and clinical data, primary publication, cancer type, and PI contact. Further information on each data source is available in the downloadable excel file.

Learn more about PGDI and explore through the inventory.

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