New Funding Opportunity for Childhood Cancer Data Initiative: Clinical Sequencing Related to CCDI Molecular Characterization Protocol

The Childhood Cancer Data Initiative (CCDI) invites researchers capable of performing molecular characterization to submit proposals by April 12, 2021, to support the development of a national protocol. The recently released RFP calls on researchers capable of performing molecular characterizations, including:

  • whole exome sequencing,
  • RNA sequencing,
  • next generation sequencing (NGS) panels, and
  • methylation arrays.

As part of the CCDI’s aims to establish a data ecosystem, NCI is developing a childhood cancer molecular characterization protocol. Tissue samples from patients with cancer in this age group are critically limited and a valuable resource. Data generated from these specimens are often fragmented in different databases and not broadly available to researchers and oncology teams. Developing a national protocol to collect and characterize this data will ultimately help pediatric oncologists treat their patients with greater precision and help researchers learn more about childhood cancers.

To learn more about the CCDI’s goal to increase data use and sharing for childhood and adolescent and young adult (AYA) cancer, visit the CCDI infographic and webpage.

To submit a proposal, follow the instructions on the RFP webpage.  

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