New Artificial Intelligence and Medical Imaging Annotations Added to the NCI Imaging Data Commons

In the latest NCI Imaging Data Commons (IDC) data release, you can search through new artificial intelligence and medical imaging (AIMI) annotations, produced by BAMF Health. NIH funded this work through an NIH contract opportunity we shared with you back in February 2023, which asked the awardee to develop data sets of advanced machine-generated segmentation of tumor and organ contents. The release includes AI-generated annotations for 11 imaging collections from the IDC.

To create/derive these data sets, BAMF Health selected a subset of IDC cancer-related images, trained a range of nnU-Net-based models, and applied those models to select cases. They also conducted quality assessments on some of the artificial intelligence-marked cases and made any necessary corrections to the outcomes.

You can use the new interactive dashboard for the BAMF-AIMI Annotations collection to create a custom view of the collections available in the IDC. A demonstration is available to teach you how to use this dashboard.

NCI IDC is a cloud-based environment containing publicly available cancer imaging data co-located with analysis and exploration tools and resources. IDC is part of the NCI Cancer Research Data Commons infrastructure that provides secure access to a large, comprehensive, and expanding collection of cancer research data.

This initiative is part of Leidos Biomedical Research Inc.’s Prime Contract 75N91019D00024, issued by NCI, Frederick, MD.

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