NCI’s CCR Liver Cancer Program Seeks Postdoc with Computational Biology or Informatics Experience

Apply today to become one of the Center for Cancer Research’s (CCR’s) latest postdoctoral fellows supporting the Liver Cancer Program’s cancer genomics research.

Applicants interested in this intramural program should have a background in cancer genomics, computational biology, and/or bioinformatics, and:

  • possess a doctoral degree or equivalent in bioinformatics, clinical informatics, biomedical informatics, or a related field, and have demonstrated hands-on experience in leading the analysis of a large cohort data set.
  • demonstrate experience in organizing, cleaning, and harmonizing large data sets, as well as in applying robust statistical methods including multivariable analyses and machine learning (ML) with a strong record of scientific achievement through peer-reviewed publications.
  • a solid understanding in the next-generation, omics analysis and integration of multiple data sources, data cleaning/processing/harmonization, ML, and database management.
  • have knowledge of programming language R and/or Python.
  • possess proficient communication in both spoken and written English and possess excellent interpersonal and organizational skills.

The NCI CCR Liver Cancer Program is an interactive and multidisciplinary collaborative team fostering liver cancer care and research. Through innovative laboratory studies and promising clinical applications, such as molecular subgrouping of patients and biomarker-guided molecularly targeted therapies, the team aims to improve early detection, diagnosis, prognosis, treatment, and outcome of patients with liver cancer.

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