NCI Wants Input about the Further Development of the Integrated Canine Data Commons: Responses Due December 1

NCI wants input to further develop and improve your use of NCI’s Integrated Canine Data Commons (ICDC). ICDC is a repository of canine data and metadata that enables scientists who work in comparative oncology. You can submit your input about this data commons through December 1, 2022.

Have you used the ICDC?

NCI staff want to know:

  • the types of important data that are lacking.
  • data you found useful.
  • hypothetical case studies using the existing data/studies you could be performing if the appropriate data were available.

If you haven’t used the ICDC, NCI staff want to know:

  • the significant comparative oncology questions you want to answer but haven’t because you lack access to relevant data.

This data commons is part of the NCI Cancer Research Data Commons.

For more about the input NCI needs, visit the NIH grants webpage.

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