NCI’s Enterprise Vocabulary Services Poised to Support Real-World Data

Your cancer research can benefit from the expanded Enterprise Vocabulary Services (EVS) application and its semantic infrastructure.

Read a paper in the Journal of the Society for Clinical Data Management that explains how the EVS resources pave the way for analyzing Real-World Data (RWD) to generate Real-World Evidence (RWE).

NCI EVS enables semantic interoperability and data integration across multiple data standards and models through its terminology platforms, NCI Thesaurus and NCI Metathesaurus, which maintain CDISC terminologies. Using these cross-terminology mappings, you can map and harmonize data from multiple sources and provide traceability between RWD and research data.

RWD and RWE can improve the efficiency of clinical research and help determine the effectiveness of medical products; however, there are complications due to disparate data sources, data models, terminologies, and data exchange standards (which need to be interoperable). 

“Lack of data harmonization and standardization policies and practices across the research and healthcare spectrum constitutes a significant challenge for integrating real-world data from disparate data sets and efficient use of clinical data for research purposes,” says NCI EVS federal lead and contributing author, Lyubov Remennik. “Recognizing this, NCI EVS is building terminology services to help make sense of this ‘Tower of Babel.’”

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