NCI’s Center for Cancer Research Seeks Postdoctoral Fellow in Computational Biology

Do you have a Ph.D. in computational biology, bioinformatics, mathematics, or a related field? If so, check out this new fellow position in NCI’s Laboratory of Genome Integrity.

What will you do in this position?

You’ll play a leading role in providing computational and biological insight. Working with Dr. Andre Nussenweig, you’ll:

  • provide computational and biological insight by analyzing cancer genomics, epigenetics, and proteomics data.
  • use computational methods to study DNA double-strand break repair and the roles of repair proteins in various cancers, including leukemias and breast cancers.
  • analyze applications involving high-throughput DNA sequencing methods for a variety of assays, including RNA-seq, exon sequencing, ATAC-seq, DNase-seq, ChIP-seq, END-seq, and newer, cutting-edge methodologies that are in development.

Do you qualify for this position?

To apply for the position, you must:

  • have a Ph.D. or equivalent in computational biology, bioinformatics, mathematics, or a related field.
  • program in Python/Perl and R/Matlab in a Unix environment (SQL experience is a plus).
  • demonstrate applied bioinformatics/computational proficiency through relevant publications in peer-reviewed journals.

What else should you know about this position?

  • Training position (starting stipend $65,100; bonuses may apply)
  • U.S. Citizenship not required (i.e., permanent resident, visa)
  • Full-time (in person; Bethesda, MD)

You can apply for this position by emailing your CV/Resume and three references to Sam John.

The Laboratory of Genome Integrity is part of NCI’s Center for Cancer Research and makes up the largest component of the research effort at the National Institutes of Health.

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