NCI Celebrates 50th Anniversary of the National Cancer Act

In 1971, the National Cancer Act established a nationally coordinated approach to cancer research and strengthened America’s commitment to cancer research and patient care. NCI was born, and 50 years later that approach and commitment still ring true.

To commemorate this momentous anniversary, NCI will be partnering with organizations across the cancer research community to recognize accomplishments and reinforce the continued need for progress in cancer prevention, diagnosis, treatment, and survivorship.

The collective work and dedication of countless researchers, health care professionals, patients, and advocates have translated into advancements beyond what the legislative forebearers could have imagined. For the duration of 2021, NCI (and CBIIT) will be committed to sharing such advancements and stories—both big and small—with the cancer research community and greater public. CBIIT, in particular, not only hopes to celebrate how far data science, IT, and informatics have come, but also looks toward the future to explore how such elements are coming together to help people live longer, healthier lives.

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